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Gay and Satanist

Hi my name is Laura and I am a Lesbian! For many people a statement like that is scary to hear perhaps because they have homophobia issue or the word "Lesbian" hit's a little to close to home for comfort. For me saying those 4 little words "I am a Lesbian" has been an up hill struggle. Thankfully that struggle is finally over

Before i came to Satan i was Christian coping with my sexuality and my faith was tough, no matter I what did to ease the pain and guilt it never went away. Finally years later I found Satan. how that came about is another issue entirely. Having Satan in my life has allowed me to accept who I am and begin to love it. It had taken 28 years but I got there in the end.

The first think most satanists learn is the value of the individual and if you believe and have a relation ship with the literal Satan you find a love stronger than any love you have had before. with that Love I gained an inner strength to say big fuck you (pardon my french lol) to the people who dislike me for my sexuality and a big two fingered salute to those people that use their so called "Faith"(regardless of relgion) to hurt others with there words of hate.

I haven't seen or experienced any homophobia in the satanic community(other than the Nazi lot, but they don't count all there opinions are vile to me) that of course does not mean it is not there after all we are only human and have human prejudices. It is perhaps a grand generalization when i say that maybe Satanists are just a little bit more open minded when it comes to sexuality. I hope so anyway.

UPDATE: The following is a blog post from Theistic Satanist Dana Everad in which he writes about the christian attitude to the "Sin" of Homosexuality. He has brough up many good points which is why I have included ( with his permission) it here.

Gay and Satanic?

From a Satanist viewpoint, is homosexuality is a sin? Most Satanists have a relatively tolerant perspective (with the exception of a few neo-Nazi groups and “reverse Christians” — Satanists who get their theology from Christianity, but simply believe the other side will “win” and who tend to be conservative). Sexuality is a vital force, and what matters most is mutual consent, responsible behavior and honesty (see my March 26th post referencing Dan Savage’s “Campsite Rules”).

Sexual sin, even from a Christian vantage-point, has always seemed far down on the list of destructive acts — pride, anger and a lack of love generally cause far worse problems in this world. We quibble over abstinence vs. birth control while the Darfur genocide lumbers on. There’s the sin, if we want to point fingers. I assert that such willful global blindness adds up to much worse than penises and vaginas in some “wrong” places. There were after all multiple kinds of sexual arrangements (several permitted only to men, of course) in Blblical times: levirate marriage, concubines, war booty, slave marriage and arranged marriages — the latter most closely resembling our sense of “marriage”, though still far from granting any of our modern desire for equality or choice to both parties.

One aspect of homosexuality people rarely seem to talk about, however, is how it differs in a very curious fashion from other so-called sins. I’ve committed — or imagined committing — most of the other sins in some form, but making love — or imagining making love — to another man is just not one that’s tempted me. Why? Anger, selfishness, lust, greed, vanity, sloth — pretty much all of them are part of the human experience, and show their ill effects in me as much as anyone. But homosexual desire isn’t one that distracts me, seduces me from my wife, etc. (As sexual orientation goes, I’m fairly vanilla and straight — I know, boring — I should make more of an effort to fulfill the public image of the orgiastic Satanist.)

If homosexuality is a sin, why then am I not tempted by it, in the same way I am by all the other so-called sins? Catch me in a bad mood, and I’ll snap and display anger and impatience. Let an attractive woman walk by, and I can catch my thoughts zeroing in on sex — “committing adultery with her in my heart”. Occasional over-indulgence in food and drink — I’m there. But making love with another man just doesn’t fill my head when I see a handsome guy walk by. No arousal, no distraction, no thoughts of bedding him. If homosexuality is a sin, is it a “selective” sin, targeting only a small percentage of the population? If so, then how “un-sin-like”! Who ever heard of a sin to which the majority of the human population is not subject?! This fact, combined with modern understandings of sexuality and sexual orientation, is just one further piece of evidence pointing at a historically grotesque and cruelly discriminatory mindset toward our gay brothers and sisters.

Dana Everard