In praise of Satan

Universal life church

The Universal life church (ULC) is based in America but has an increasingly popular UK chapter . It is an organisation which values ALL religious belief and anyone of any religion can join as long as you hold the belief in the freedom of religion and their maxim "do that what is right".The ULC offer people the chance to become an officially ordained reverend a title which is legally recognised all over the world. However many duties of a Reverend such as wedding's funerals etc will not necessarily be legal. so depending on what country you live in some detective work will be needed to find out what you are legally allowed to do. Members of the ULC tend to be very religious tolerant therefore most Satanists will not have a problem being a member of this church. I was ordained into the organisation in 2006.

There is a Splinter organisation who were part of the ULC but due to a split in 2006 they became a separate organisation called "The Universal life church monastery"  If you were ordained into the ULC before the split ( like I was) you will be ordained in this newer church too. But if you got ordained in the ULC after the split you won't be.  Similarly if you got ordained into the Monastery  after 2006 you won't be a member of the original ULC. Either way it's not a huge problem but it's good to know where you stand for legal reasons. The newer church don't make it clear that they are NOT connected to the Original church ( which is based in Modesto) So just be aware. 

 Being ordained into both I don't have a problem with either organisation, I have a minor quibble with the Monastery not being open about its standing with the Modesto church but that's it. Both Churches are important and stand for something good. 


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