In praise of Satan


Q. Do you believe in a literal Satan?
A. Yes I do

Q. Do you believe Satan is Evil?
A. No i do not,nor do I think Satan is all good either. He is beyond such labels.

Q. Do you kill people and animals?
A. No i absolutely do not. I'm a Vegan. No real Satanist would kill any living thing.Unless of course it was self defense or for food. Idiots that you hear about in the media are in no way Satanist and they deserve everything that comes to them.

UPDATE: I have changed my mind slightly about this answer. I have no right to say who is and is not a satanist by doing so i make myself sound like the Christian fundamentalist and Muslim extremist I dislike or indeed any type of religious extremist.

Q. Do you hate God?
A. Which God is that then?I believe in the existence of many gods and Goddesses. I hate no deity. Hate is a waste of energy.

Q. Are you a member of "The Church of Satan"?
A. Nope as the CoS are atheistic and they do not believe in a literal Satan. When it first started in the 60's it accepted both types of Satanist but not any more. beside i would not pay $200 for a membership. Plus i have not met any members of that church that i actually have liked.

Q. Are there any Satanic books?
A. There are many books inspired by Satan but none have actually been pr oven to have been written by him in the way say the Koran was by Allah with the help of the prophets of course.

The Satanic Bible is the obvious one to have been inspired by Satan. It was written by Anton Lavey in the 60's it is very much a reaction to the hippie, peace and love to all movement of the time. It is also said to have been plagiarised form a book called "the might is right" by raghar red beard" having read this book also i can see where that thought came from. The SB is a great book one i recommend everyone to read. I don't personally agree with a lot of what he has written (pinched or not) but it made me think. A free PDF of this book is available form Black lotus monastery

The Al-Jilwah is also a very popular book. It is said to have been written by Satan centuries ago and the Yezidi devil worshipers from Iraq were it's chosen keepers. I really like this text it has given me a lot of comfort over the years. Like any text there are bits i don't like or understand. this text can be found at sacred texts I don't however belive that it is an infalible book direct from Satan.

Q. Are you a Goth? Cause all Goth's are Satanist aren't they?
A. Yes I am a Goth as it happens but not all Goth's are Satanist. Goth's come in all shapes and sizes, of all relgions and of none.

Q. Are you trying to convert me?
A, No absolutely not. This site is for information only. Most Satanists believe that Satan does not want a huge army of followers, we also believe that he decides whom he wants. If you feel that you are drawn to this religion then you can drop me a line if you wish and we can talk.

Q. Do you believe in the Anti- Christ?
A. No I do not because I don't believe in Christianity and the Anti- Christ is a very Christian concept. Since the origins of Christianity many people have been dubbed "The anti- Christ" including Muhammad the Islamic prophet. Interesting to note though that Jesus has said (I'm paraphrasing) that who ever is not with him is against him. So does that make every non Christian an Anti- Christ? Mind you the whole idea has made for some interesting movies over the years!

Q. How do you feel about other religions?

I have a huge respect for other religions ( even the Abrahamic one's) as long as you are not pushing your faith or ideas when it's not wanted. I don't tolerate  extremism ot fundamentalism in ANY religon nor do I think anyone should. My fave non Satanic religion is Sikhism, I think that is a beautiful religion full of beautiful people. In fact I see Satan very much represented in The Gura Granth Sahib which is why I actually use this sacred text within my own religious practise.

Q. What's with all the grammar and punctuation mistakes, did you actually go to school?

 Why, yes I did actually but I also have moderate dyslexia so sometimes I mess up and don't notice. Sorry about that. Satan loves me the way I am.

Feel free to send me an email to point out where I've gone wrong but don't be a dick about it. 

 More on the way