In praise of Satan

Neo Nazi in Satanism

There is a disgusting trend running though some theistic satanism groups and sites on the Internet and that trend is Neo-Nazism and all the ideology that entails, Now what makes this worse from my point of view is they are doing it in the name of Satan.

Satan is the God of freedom, the God of individuality and the God of inclusion. He does not discriminate based on Race, colour, sex or sexuality. He does not even discriminate based on religion as many of his family are from other religions originally.

Many Neo-Nazi Satanists have used this text from the Al-Jilwah as proof of their stance. "Three things are against me and I hate three things" Most people agree that the 3 things are the 3 abrhamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) This reasoning falls down for 2 reasons

1. It is not proven that the Al-Jilwah is FROM Satan, therefore not proven that he did say those things.

2. Satanism is about thinking for yourself, just because Satan might be against something does not mean you should be.

The vast majority of theistic Satanist are NOT into Neo Nazism and we should be shouting louder than the Racists. I'm going to end with a great quote from an unknown person which sums up my rant nicely " Only laundry should be separated by colour"

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