In praise of Satan

My Satan

 On my website I have a page that mentions that I’ve not always been a Satanist but I have always been Satan’s. I sincerely believe this, I do believe that I was chosen to be his, from way before I was born and as bizarre as that may sounds it’s actually a belief that is widely held amongst Theistic Satanists. Despite the fact that we may all hold differing views on who we think he is. So who is Satan to me?

I believe Satan is a God who existed before religion therefore before Christianity, Islam etc. I believe him to be just one of a great many God's all of whom are joined in some way to the creator. I guess my believes are touch pantheist and polytheist in origin. But I also believe that it is not important where Satan came from ( As I do think we will ever know for sure) but it is important how we see him today in the here and now. 

Satan to me is not some big, scary evil deity intent on corrupting the world. I personally have felt nothing but love and compassion from him. He is a deity that loves his followers without wishing to change them. By change I don't mean he will let you stick with addictive behaviour etc I mean that you can be who you ARE such as homosexual, Transgender etc. To many religions alienate people by imposing their own believes about how people should live their life. Satan see's through sexuality, see's through gender. I  don't believe that Satan is god's enemy ( the Christian God) but I do believe that certain Christian beliefs ( and those of many religions) and of those that impose them are the true enemy. Because they stunt the growth of humanity. Satan see's what humans are capable of and when that is halted, even for a short time. we lose a little of ourselves.