In praise of Satan

All about me

 I am a 35 at the time of writing this. I belong to the very fine country of Scotland, I attend the University of Glasgow where I am studying for a honours degree in Theology and Religious studies.  My dissertation topic is on Demonology and it's role in the Abrahamic ( Judaism, Christianity and Islam) religions.  

I am ordained into the Universal life church and Universal life church monastery all of which mean I am clergy for Satan and serve him by this website, as simple as it is, by my outreach programme which is very important and an honour to be a part of and I also take prayer requests and  will do rituals for people if they ask me to.

 I am passionate about animal rights and animal welfare and fully support legal non violent direct action. I am a vegan and have done many protest on behalf of "People for the ethical treatment of animal" (PETA)

I am in the glass closet when it comes to my religious beliefs, I don;t talk about them all that often too people but if people ask then I will tell them. Ot if they do a Google search using my name they will find out hehe! There's not many places to keep a secret any more.

I am a Satanist because i believe in Satan and because Satan believes in me.